ResellerClub Review

Resellerclub Hosting – A Complete Review

Resellerclub hosting is one of the best hosting company that also provides domain and email. This company gives good hosting services on the Internet.

Resellerclub’s servers are available at 8 locations World-wide.

Get the World’s best Hostings, Domain, SSLs and other Services.


ResellerClub Shared Hosting

  • 30% OFF
  • SSD Storage
  • Fast Hosting
  • Affordable
  • Free SSL
  • cPanel
  • 1-click Installs

How good the Resellerclub actually good is? I will tell you all the aspects of this hosting in this Reseller Club Review.

What Reseller club gives?

Resellerclub is a domain and hosting service provider. You can get Shared Hosting, Domains, WordPress and Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server too.

The Reseller club provides Windows and Linux, both hostings.

On the main page, You can watch the SSLs, Emails and other services from Resellerclub.

Resellerclub pricing

Resellerclub offers so many things, but I only tell you about Shared hosting.

If you buy hosting from any company. The price is the most important factor after Up-time.

Resellerclub provides only 3 packages of its Shared hosting.

I recommend buying hosting for the long term to avoid monthly tension.

Resellerclub generally offers 30% off for new customers.

They have 3 plans


This hosting provider doesn’t have monthly plans.

So, If you buy from this provider you buy only for 1 year, 2 years or 3 years plan.

  • Personal plan costs you 2.49$/month
  • Business plan costs you 3.49$/month
  • Pro plan costs you 4.49$/month
Resellerclub Hosting package price
Resellerclub Hosting package price

As you have seen in the picture above that

You only host one website on Personal plan, 3 on the Business plan and Unlimited on Pro plan.


But the Bad news is that any plan doesn’t offer a free domain, You can purchase it separately.

And after the first term, The prices will increase when you try to renew your hosting.

For a better clear picture, See the Table below

Hosting PlanPersonalBusinessPro
3 Months-11.97$14.97$
6 Months-23.94$29.94$
12 Months29.88$41.88$53.88$
24 Months59.76$83.76$107.76$
36 Months89.64$125.64$161.64$

Resellerclub Features

Resellerclub promises a lot, as the others all hosting providers.

Here are some features about the Resellerclub hosting plans

Varnish Caching

Resellerclub includes the Varnish Caching tool in all of its shared hosting plans.

And they claim using this tool that this will help you to fast your website around 1000%.

Reseller Club Varnish Caching Tool
Reseller Club Varnish Caching Tool

A caching tool worked as that they save the static website cache to the user’s browser, And when User again open that website this doesn’t take much time and load faster.

Naturally, Every cache plugin increases the website speed, but 1000%?

A cache plugin really increases the website speed but not for first-time users.

Resellerclub Performance

Resellerclub claims that they provide the best speed in the market.

Many peoples test the websites and measure the speed of their websites on Resellerclub hosting.

Here is some chart that How much time it takes to load a website on Resellerclub on Different region servers.

Resellerclub Hosting Response Time
Resellerclub Hosting Response Time

Server speed and Uptime

For better speed and uptime tests, Peoples checks the Uptime and server speed via different Tools.

Here are some stats of a website on Resellerclub hosting.

But first, Checks the promises of Resellerclub.

Resellerclub promises that they give 99.99% Uptime. It means you can face 40 minutes Downtime in a month.

Also, Resellerclub promises that they give a blazing fast server response time.

Average Response time in the industry is 553ms.

Also, Google recommends that Response time should be less than 200ms.

If Resellerclub claims this then It should be better than this.

And Resellerclub did it.

The Resellerclub servers are working fine in Several Weeks of Testing and they did not go down for a single minute.

While the Server response time was 65ms.

Resellerclub Server Uptime
Resellerclub Server Uptime

Still, Resellerclub is not the number 1 host in all hosts in the Industry.

Resellerclub Customer Support

Resellerclub has a number of ways for you to get help with your problems.

Tracking System

Resellerclub have the Tracking system for your support.

If you face any problem then simply submit a ticket and they will respond to your ticket.

Phone Support

And If you don’t wait for the reply on the ticket system then Resellerclub also provides the Support on Phone Calls.

Simply pick your phone and dial the number of hosting and they will help you with your problems.

Live Chat Support

Like many other companies in the Hosting industry. Resellerclub also provides the Live Chat support for its customers.


To sum up this Resellerclub hosting review, I can say that Its a good hosting provider in the industry.

Resellerclub has a great feature in Softaculous that has an Auto-installer script.

Also, Resellerclub has several Premium features to compensate.

All in all, Resellerclub is a great choice for you If you want to purchase a hosting plan.

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